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Construction Health and Safety Consultant

Managing health and safety on construction sites can be complex. The potential costs of getting it wrong are huge and include significant human, economic and legal implications.  Good health and safety planning helps you to protect your workers and your organisation, and a major part of that is ensuring that you have the right Construction Health and Safety Consultant.

Our clients place a high level of importance on health and safety on their sites, together with a proactive monitoring and reporting regime throughout their organisation.  Which is why, at OM Safety Solutions Ltd, all of our Construction Health and Safety Consultants are industry experts, having each worked in the construction industry for a number of years.

We provide construction health and safety advice and support to the site project management team, the senior management team, the project client, designers, suppliers and contractors.

Whatever your trade within the construction industry, we will work with you to enable you to manage your health and safety on site effectively, write relevant and practical documentation and assist you in implementing procedures throughout your organisation and sub-contractors.

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