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Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan

Under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007, it is a requirement of the Principal Contractor to develop a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPHSP), to an acceptable level, prior to being permitted to commence work on site.  The Plan provides a focus for managing and coordinating health and safety on the site.  The amount of detail in the safety plan should depend on the nature and extent of the project and on the contract arrangements for the construction work.

The CPHSP is the foundation for good management and clarifies:

  • Who does what
  • Who is responsible for what
  • The hazards and risks which have been identified
  • How the works are controlled

The plan must be relevant to the particular project and should build on the information provided by the CDM Co-ordinator and the Pre-Construction Information.

As it is the foundation on which health and safety management of construction work is based, it should include:

  • Arrangements for ensuring the health and safety of all who may be affected by the work
  • Arrangements for the management of health and safety and monitoring of compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Information regarding the welfare arrangements

The plan is not just a document to be left in a ring binder for the duration of the project, rather, it is a fully functional working document which should be:

  • Reviewed and updated as the project develops
  • Amended when further design work is completed
  • Updated when information from subcontractors starting work becomes available
  • Reviewed in light of unforeseen circumstances or variations to planned circumstances
  • Updated when any other changes affecting health and safety arise

The Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan is an integral part of managing safety on-site and as a result it is important to get it right.

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