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Employee Handbooks

It is a mandatory legal requirement of health and safety law that all employees are provided with adequate health and safety information, instruction, supervision and training.  This is to enable them to do their job with due regard to health and safety practicalities and responsibilities.

One method of providing staff with the relevant information is to issue an Employee Health and Safety Handbook.  This will provide instruction and guidance to all employees on the policy, top-level organisation and arrangements by which the company ensures the maintenance of acceptable standards of health and safety throughout the organisation.

The handbook is an acceptable method of ensuring all employees receive adequate health and safety information. The full company health and safety policy may be a long and very detailed document that all employees may not be expected to know in detail. By providing handbooks, the main safety critical elements of the company safety policy can be extracted and displayed in a clear easily understandable format for employees at all levels within the organisation.

OM Safety Solutions Ltd is able to produce bespoke employee health and safety handbooks, fully branded with your company logo.

The content of the handbook is fully tailored to the organisational requirements, but normally includes details such as:

  • Reference to the company health and safety policy
  • Reference to company risk assessments
  • Accident and incident reporting procedures
  • First aid arrangements
  • Fire and emergency arrangements
  • Manual handling guidance
  • Display screen equipment guidance
  • Electrical Safety guidance
  • Hazardous substances guidance
  • Housekeeping arrangements
  • Occupational stress guidance
  • Personal protective equipment arrangements
  • Working at height guidance
  • Drugs and alcohol procedures
  • Safe driving advice
  • Arrangements for the health and safety of new and expectant mothers
  • Personal safety advice
  • Safe use of work equipment and machinery

The handbooks can be provided in both electronic format and also printed in full colour, with a range of options available for the finished product.

Employee Health and Safety Handbooks are also included in our Business Safety Solutions, with the added benefit of unlimited updates in line with any changes in legislation or working practices within the organisation.

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