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Environmental Audits

An environmental audit is a good way of measuring an organisation’s environmental impacts, and enables informed decisions to be made about managing those impacts. It achieves this by analysing the policies, processes and practices in place and recommending improvements.

The audit process involves a systematic and objective assessment of all available data and information. During the audit the auditor will seek to assure and verify environmental performance through a process of document review, interviews with relevant management and staff, as well as the observation of environmental activities within the organisation.

An objective and independent adviser will assist you with your environmental programme and bring a fresh perspective to your environmental goals and wider sustainability objectives. We will work in partnership with you to help you deliver environmental performance improvement.

There is a consensus that the major benefit of an environmental audit is the subsequent reduction of the company’s risk. By performing an environmental audit, organisations know which problems they could be facing. This enables the organisation to create a competitive advantage if they understand their relation with the environment.

Benefits vary depending on the objectives and scope of the audit.  Environmental auditing benefits include:

  • Organisations understand how to meet their legal requirements and other requirements;
  • Meeting specific statutory reporting requirements;
  • Organisations can demonstrate they are environmentally responsible;
  • Organisations can demonstrate they meet the requirements of their environmental policy;
  • Understanding environmental interactions of products, services and activities, and managing environmental risks;
  • Organisations can understand how they can improve environmental performance and save money by reducing waste, water and energy costs (annual savings are typically greater than our fee for the audit)
  • Providing the foundation for an environmental management system (EMS) such as ISO 14001 at a later date
  • Improving relations with stakeholders

Some of the other benefits are the provision of management decision support data, liability assurance, the creation of an additional measurement tool, better compliance management, an aid in educating the employees and a tool for public relations and marketing.

Our dedicated team of environmental consultants work with organisations in the public and private sectors to help identify where and how organisations can improve their environmental and sustainability performance.  To achieve this we assist in developing policies, procedures and protocols for the implementation of effective environmental management systems.  This audit will help organisations identify and prioritise actions for performance improvement – good environmental management is good for business.

Additionally, our independent review ensures that our clients remain current on new approaches to environmental management and allows them to benchmark their procedures and policies with other organisations in the same industry.

To support the implementation of the environmental management systems identified through the auditing process, OM Safety Solutions Ltd offers a range of performance-based employee training programmes.  These combine training sessions with hands-on experience and are tailored to fit each organisation’s particular needs.  All training programmes can be delivered on-site in either group or individual settings.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation reduce its environmental impact, or to arrange a free consultation with one of our expert consultants.

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