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Environmental Risk Assessments

Environmental responsibility should be a key consideration for any business and a major part of that is minimising the environmental impact of your operations on the local communities in which you work and the global one which we are all a part of.

An environmental risk assessment is completed using similar techniques to the health and safety risk assessments businesses already have to perform. In this case, our consultants will be assessing the likelihood of your business causing environmental damage.

It is particularly important to ensure that your business is behaving in an environmentally friendly manner in this day and age, where concerns regarding the environmental damage caused by daily activities are a major topic.  An environmental risk assessment can encompass a wide variety of activities and hazards and some of the main problem areas are likely to be:

  • The storage and disposal of waste products – for example making sure that proper containers are used, and are located away from drains and watercourses;
  • The emission of dust and other substances to the air and surrounding environments;
  • The storage, use and disposal of hazardous substances, including their containers;
  • The drainage and disposal of liquid waste;
  • The environmental impact of your raw materials, such as potentially toxic metals or other materials;
  • The environmental impact of packaging.

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