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Event Risk Assessments

Event organisers are responsible for ensuring that overall safety at the event is maintained so, that as far as reasonably practicable, people setting up, breaking down and attending the event are not exposed to risks to their health and safety.

Events come in all shapes and sizes and it is important that the health and safety for an event should be proportionate to the risk and managed accordingly.

Health and safety applies at all stages of an event, from initial planning and design through to location preparation and build, then onto the main event followed by dismantling and removal and finally the review and lessons learnt.

Common safety considerations are as follows:

  • Planning and management
  • Venue and site design
  • Fire safety and first aid
  • Incident planning
  • Communications and information
  • Crowd management and barriers
  • Transport and structures
  • Services including electrics
  • Food, drink and welfare
  • Attractions and activities
  • Waste
  • Noise
  • Special effects
  • People with special needs

Our expert consultants will provide flexibility and a fully comprehensive service including:

  • Ensuring that health and safety arrangements in place to control risks
  • Ensuring that there is co-operation and proper co-ordination of work activities
  • Providing your employees and others with relevant information on any risks to their health and safety
  • Ensuring the competence of staff to undertake their role safely
  • Monitoring health and safety compliance
  • Reviewing your health and safety arrangements

Our services include:

  • Carrying out Risk Assessments
  • Training the relevant staff and contractors
  • Providing on-site Health and Safety Management
  • Carrying out site inspections
  • Ensuring that all structures erected are safe and suitable for use
  • Providing Contractor Management Solutions
  • Carrying out Environmental Assessments
  • Ensuring that Emergency Contingency Planning is in place

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