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Method Statements

A Method Statement, also known as a ‘Safe System of Work’ is a key safety document that details the sequence of tasks to be carried out in a logical order, to enable a task to be completed in the correct manner whilst controlling the identified risks.  This enables the site operatives to have a practical and safe working method to follow when carrying out specific jobs on-site.

The method statement will also detail how other risks should be eliminated or controlled, such as when working at height on ladders or scaffolding. Also a method statement should be concise, easy to read and specific to the job and the environment of the site.

It is an essential ‘live’ document for all site operatives involved to use on the site when completing the job and assists contractors in determining the correct personnel, tools, materials and equipment required to carry out the work safely.

The Method Statement will contain:

  • The contract details and scope of work;
  • All health and safety contact details;
  • Details of the site location and if required, the location of the task on site;
  • Details on how the job will be carried out, highlighting any hazards that may be relevant to the activity;
  • The precautions necessary to ensure the safety of any persons affected by the work activity;
  • Information on material handling, plant and equipment;
  • Information on site access and egress;
  • Details on welfare and first aid arrangements;
  • Comprehensive information on induction training;
  • Details of all the relevant risk assessments;
  • Information on any substances to the used in the process and their associated hazards to health.

Increasingly, companies and clients are requesting contractors to provide method statements prior to undertaking works or at the tendering stage.  This assists them in ensuring the competence of the contractor, whilst providing them with an indication of the contractor’s approach to safety management.

In order to develop the required method statements, our construction safety consultants will:

  • Visit the site concerned if access is possible prior to work commencing
  • Look at the safety elements of the job
  • Review the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan
  • Discuss the contractor’s approach, the work they will be carrying, the allocation of resources and any site specific environmental factors that may affect safety on-site.

Our consultants will then input the health and safety requirements, generate and append the necessary Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments, ensuring that the whole document is presented in a very professional format.

Alternatively, we can train your team to develop Risk AssessmentsCOSHH Assessments and Method Statements saving you time and money in the future.

Method Statements are also an additional feature which can be included in any of our Construction Business Safety Solutions, with the added benefit of unlimited updates in line with any changes in legislation or working practices within the organisation.

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