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Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are the corner stone to all organisations’ health and safety arrangements.  Written Risk Assessments are a vital indicator that your business has assessed the health and safety risks present and considered, as well as implemented, the necessary control measures to ensure that the risks have been adequately controlled.

In addition to all of the business benefits, all organisations must assess and manage health and safety risks present within their workplace as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.  Risk assessment is also an important tool in protecting your workforce and your business.

OM Safety Solutions Ltd consultants use the HSE’s approved method for assessing risks in your workplace.  This is done by:

  • Identifying the hazards present in the workplace (a hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm) e.g. trip hazards, slippery floors, electrical equipment, lifting heavy objects, stress, machinery/equipment, fire.
  • Identifying the people at risk from the hazards, e.g. employees, contractors, visitors etc. Vulnerable employees in particular should also be considered, e.g. young people, new employees and new/expectant mothers.
  • Evaluating the risk by taking into account the likelihood and severity of any accidents. Existing controls that are already in place to reduce risks are also identified and evaluated.
  • Recording the significant findings in the format of a risk assessment.
  • Reviewing the risk assessment regularly, or when things change e.g. new equipment is purchased, processes change or an accident or near miss incident has occurred.

The service we are offer is a fully comprehensive package and there are three main options for organisations:

  1. Our consultants can carry out your risk assessments for you; provide you with all the completed documentation and ensure that your workforce receive information, instruction and training on the implementation of the specified control measures.
  2. Our consultants can support your staff through the risk assessment process by providing all of the appropriate forms; training key staff who will carry out the risk assessments and reviewing all completed assessments.
  3. Alternatively we can offer a hybrid version of the two options above. This means that we would complete the risk assessments, whilst training key staff and providing a full support service thereafter for staff to ensure that the risk assessments produced are compliant and completed in a timely manner.

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