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Selection of Competent Contractors

Acquiring the services of a competent contractor with relevant professional qualifications and a proven safety record is fundamental to any risk control programme.

What is a contractor/subcontractor?

A contractor is a company or individual with a formal contract to do a specific job for a client.  They may be supplying labour and materials and also providing and overseeing staff if needed. Additionally a contractor may then engage other firms to assist with elements of the contract and these firms or individuals are regarded as sub-contractors.

What can be done to select competent contractors?

Clients need to ensure that the contractors they engage have the skills and knowledge to carry out the contract to the required standards without risks to health and safety. Examples for assessing whether a contractor is competent include:

  • Evidence of experience in the same type of work;
  • References from previous clients which are verified;
  • Accident and ill health statistics;
  • Qualifications, skills and ongoing training programs including health and safety training;
  • How they will complete the work, including Health and Safety Information – these will be in the form of Risk Assessments and Method Statements;
  • Criteria for selecting sub-contractors.

The selection of sub-contractors is more than often left to the Principal Contractor and the same assessment criteria as above can be applied.

OM Safety Solutions Ltd ensures that every detail is assessed, making certain that Clients are meeting their obligations and ultimately protecting themselves as far as is possible in relation to employing contractors on-site.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires all employers to provide Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision to all employees, including contractors.  With this in mind, we make certain that suitable information is provided and communicated at all levels on site with the appropriate levels of instruction and competent supervision being in place at all times for contractors.

Before any works commence on-site, OM Safety Solutions Ltd ensures that full induction training is carried out for all contractors, specific to the Client’s company policies and the specific requirements of the site.  This is developed with the Client for each project and forms part of the Contractor Induction Pack, which each contractor receives prior to commencing work on-site.

Additionally, the selection of competent contractors is part of our CDM Co-ordinator service which is a mandatory requirement for all notifiable projects.  OM Safety Solutions Ltd can also manage the Client – Contractor relationship for all aspects of the project for the duration of the works, as part of our Project Management Services.

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