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Training Plans and Matrix

One of the most crucial aspects of successful health and safety management for your business is to ensure that employees are competent to deliver the task required of them in a safe manner.

Many pieces of legislation require safety training to be provided and in particular the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require that the capabilities and competency of employees is assessed.

A Training Plan with a competency Matrix is a tool that can be used to track training and skill levels within your organisation.  It has a variety of uses from supporting gap analysis between the required standards and actual knowledge levels and also tracking competency levels.

When used as a visual management tool, the matrix can identify, at a glance, individual skill levels and weaknesses within the organisation.

Once this has been completed, any required training can be agreed and entered on the training plan matrix for your company and employees.  Integrated within the training plan should be the required refresher training.

Training needs and plans should be reviewed regularly – at least annually.  However, in the event of significant changes in the tasks and functions of the business or in the event of accidents or safety inspections highlighting weaknesses, then once again the competency of employees  should be assessed, the organisational training needs analysis revisited and the training plan reviewed.

A regularly reviewed training plan and competency matrix ensures the continuous professional development of your workforce, but importantly ensures effective, efficient and safe working.

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