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Workplace Inspections

Inspections are a way of systematically checking that the organisation’s working environment and procedures are meeting the required standards. They are a vital element of any safety management system because if they are carried out effectively, they allow organisations to proactively identify and remedy problems before they become more serious or result in an incident or accident.

An inspection will identify hazards and be the first step in introducing measures to improve conditions.  Subjects covered in our workplace inspections include:

  • The Health and Safety Policy
  • Details on the sharing of information within the organisation
  • Accident reporting procedures and records of accidents and near misses
  • The provision of any safety signs
  • Risk Assessments for all activities carried out on site
  • Training requirements for personnel
  • Electricity safety inspections
  • Hazardous substances storage and disposal inspections
  • First Aid Regulations compliance
  • Fire Safety compliance inspections
  • Temperature conditions in the workplace
  • Ventilation systems inspections
  • Welfare provision and facilities inspections
  • Visitor management and safety on premise inspections
  • General inspections

Insurer risk improvements can also be highlighted as a result of carrying out regular inspections.  Many insurance companies will check health and safety arrangements to be able to offer lower premiums to organisations that are proactive in managing their health and safety requirements.

Our experienced consultants will carry out the inspection in the company of an authorised person.  Conditions will be measured against best practice and industry standards, with each observation recorded and prioritised for action. As well as observations our consultant will record instances of good practice and standards exceeding the accepted benchmark level.

A site inspection report will be left with the authorised person and a further detailed copy sent direct to the nominated person in the organisation to ensure that all information reflects actual conditions and to permit prompt executive action to be taken as required

OM Safety Solutions Ltd will undertake individual inspections or a devise a scheduled regime of periodic inspections to suit each organisation’s existing health and safety policy and management systems.

We also provide workplace inspections and many other services as part of our Business Safety Solutions.

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